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Isabella Farfan head shot

Isa is a multi-media storyteller based in New York City. 


She is a rising senior at Barnard College, Columbia University majoring in Political Science with a minor in English. As the Arts & Culture editor for Columbia Daily Spectator, she leads 10 unique coverage beats reporting on the arts, culture, and technology at Columbia University, in Morningside Heights, and in West Harlem.

Isa enjoys creative writing, dancing, choreographing, making jewelry, and trying to find good food spots in every city she goes to. For Isa, storytelling goes beyond just journalism. As a dance choreographer and dancer, Isa explores how movement, lighting, costume, and audio create an emotional visual experience for her audience. When she makes jewelry, she considers how design conveys a wearer's personality. She applies these same detail-oriented and humanistic skills to her journalism. 

As a Latina woman, Isa is committed to inclusivity and diversity in news media. She is a member of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists. 

To read Isa's work, click here. To view her photography, click here.

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